General Terms & conditions

Our supplies will be regulated exclusively by the following General Conditions of Sale.

Any clause or condition established by the Customer is null and void in our regards when it is in contrast with any of the conditions listed below.

1) Offers and Orders – Unless otherwise specified, our offers retain their validity for a period of 10 days. Orders are always firm and binding for the buyer and they become binding for us by sending the order confirmation except for the exceptions referred to in articles 2 and 3. We do not accept orders that involve penalties.

2) Prices – Except for special agreements we mean those practiced on the delivery date of the material. All quotations are meant for goods delivered ex works our factory .

3) Delivery terms – It is understood that the delivery terms indicated by us, while being respected as far as possible, are always and only informative as they are conditioned by the production, and that our Company assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from delivery delays.

4) Shipping – In the absence of instructions from the client, we decline any and all responsibility for the choice of means of transport and the rates applied by the carriers. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, all transport costs are borne by the customer. The goods always travel at the customer’s risk even if the port was free of charge (or equivalent term)

5) Payments – Payments must be made within the agreed terms.Once these terms have elapsed, without prejudice to the right to demand payment, interest on arrears will automatically run to the extent and in the manner provided by the current Legislative Decree n. 231 of 09/10/2002. For any outstanding or non-payment not previously agreed upon, a penalty of € 25.00 is also due, as a lump sum refund for management costs, except for higher charges in the event of legal intervention in which case, Automationware will also be entitled to cancel the favorable conditions practiced in the supply such as any discount granted and deferment of the payment itself, causing the default interest to be counted from the invoice date. Furthermore, we will be able to suspend or cancel any order residues without compensation or compensation of any kind for the customer.

6) Guarantees – All items covered by our sales are guaranteed 1 year from their delivery without further extension, for the quality of the material and its processing. The warranty is limited exclusively to the repair or free replacement of the parts recognized by the manufacturer as defective due to lack of essential qualities of material or lack of workmanship. Any repairs or replacements of parts will be made at Automationware. Extension of warranty are available as options. Any complaints must be made within 8 days of receipt of the goods. After this period the goods are considered accepted. The warranty is void if the parts returned as defective have been tampered with or repaired. The warranty does not cover damage or defects due to external agents, lack of maintenance, overload, natural wear, incorrect choice of type, assembly error or other causes not attributable to us.

Since the goods supplied by us are susceptible to multiple uses and applications, we do not assume any responsibility for damage deriving from accidents of any nature that occur during the use of our products, are these from our manufacturers recognized as defective or not and even when we had designed the application.

7) Returns of goods and billing inaccuracies – Any sending of goods for returns, repairs or other, are subject to the prior agreement of our Administration Office to which RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) must be requested before any sending of material, even if agreed with our technical staff. Failure to note the RMA number in the Customer’s DDT could result in non-acceptance of the goods. Credits for returns and for corrections of inaccuracies on our invoices will always and exclusively be issued by our Administration Office.

8) Legal domicile and competent court – Our  legal domicile means elected at the headquarters of Martellago Venice Italy via cacace 5-7  the only competent court is in  Venice.( Italy)

9) For the purposes of the VAT Law (D.P.R. 633 / 26-10-72)

The recipient is obliged: to check whether the name and surname (or company name) and address shown on the invoice and on the delivery note exactly match his / her own and to promptly notify us of any correction or variation to the same data. Failure by the Recipient to comply with these obligations raises our.

Company with joint and several liability provided by law.

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