The AW-Combo mobile robot is envisaged as a fully integrated and collaborative robotic system

Modular robotic arm made up of intrinsically-safe certified robot joints with integrated force detection and compensation for boxes manipulation and palletisation.

An Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) AW-Tube with 6 axes that lift and transport loads of up to15-20 Kg equipped with a breakthrough AI based control platform and vision system.

A ROS (Robot Operating System)-based architecture to integrate all envisaged robotic technologies with advanced machine vision, deep-learning based manipulation and runtime learning & event modelling. The ROS will be based on open source tools.

A Gazebo-based modelling and simulation environment for training and validation, easily integrable with ROS-based robot control middleware.

A motion planning block developed using the ROS motion planning framework “MoveIt!”, an open tool widely used in research projects, but with a great potential also in real use case applications.

Diagnostics and Safety system for correct operation from a safety perspective with respect to regulations with 2D and 3D systems (with AI control of loading and unloading actions).

Intrinsic Safety, the robot consists of a new generation of intrinsically safe certified robotic joints (not only collision avoidance but also accelerometer-based control in each joint to ensure maximum safety) and navigation Lidars sensors TUV certified to avoid eventual collision during the missions.

Cartesian Automatic Storage System, connectable to the end-of-line palletising shuttle.

Support shuttle for the movement of the system in the picking and palletizing area.

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