Mobile cobot fully integrated
and collaborative

Modular cobot

of new generation

Modular robotic arm composed of robotic joints equipped with an electronic drive card with integrated safety functions

The system consists of  8-axis mobile robot (4 omnidirectional wheels) and a robotic arm capable of lifting up to 20 kg and with a length of up to 1800 mm. The system  aims to facilitate the start-up or end-of-line processes in 5.0 factories that are ready for advanced robotization

An autonomous mobile robot consisting of an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) and  6-axis AW-Tube robotic arm  that lifts and transports loads up to 20 kg and with a total length of the arm itself, up to 1800 mm. It is equipped with a revolutionary control platform and a vision system based on artificial intelligence.

Gazebo application used for simulation and validation of robot work cycles, easily integrated with ROS-based robot control middleware.

The resolution of the kinematics and the planning of movements are carried out with the ROS “MoveIt!”, an open-source tool widely used in research, but with great potential also in industrial applications.

AMR can be used as a valid support for handling in the picking and palletizing areas.

Architecture and components of the diagnostic and safety system for the management of the mobile robot designed in accordance with current product standards.

Intrinsic Safety, the robot consists of a new generation of intrinsically safe certified robotic joints (not only collision avoidance but also accelerometer-based control in each joint to ensure maximum safety) and navigation Lidars sensors TUV certified to avoid eventual collision during the missions.av

The robot is used in advanced logistics, in situations of loading or unloading packages automatically by moving to different points in the work area, in full autonomy but with safety technology (Laser scanner and 3D camera), avoiding impacts with people or things.

 breakthrough AI based control platform

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