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Patented applications for Ind.4.0 diagnostics and control of actuators from Robot operating system

AutomationWare Application Software

AutomationWare incorporates the new Ind 4.0 market trends by developing a new range of software applications for the control of all its products.

Diagnostics for the control of excess vibrations

Industry 4.0 diagnostic system, developed and patented by AutomationWare, detects anomalies during the production process.

A sophisticated but simple to use analysis platform, essentialto avoid production blocks.

AwareVu, 4.0 diagnostic system for real-time control of vibrations and temperatureof the single AW component installed in the production line system.

Connected to our Actuators, it acquires and processes analog signals with a frequency representation (Fourier series), determining limit thresholds that can be set by the customer, who will be notified in case of anomalous vibrations or excessive temperature variations.

AwareVu is composed of a hardwarepart that includes acquisition electronics and processor for the development of predefined algorithms, has a connection interface via USB or a Wi-Fi transmitter to simplify data collection.

Thanks to an FFT algorithm, it analyzes the profile of vibrations in normal operating conditions and signals any deviations with an alarm to the controller, highlights malfunctions due to massive use and/or external events.

The Wifi connection guarantees the storage of the data in the central computer or in the cloud.


Check the actuator from Robot Operating System
( ROS)

RoboVu ™ Connection software to drive the actuator from Robot Operating System is a Linux application, designed and patented by Automationware.

RoboVu, makes it easy to connect virtual ROS applications to the EtherCat bus.

The robot manager plan movements in the virtual area and thanks to the RoboVu application can transfer them to the field bus to move the connected actuators in real time.

The J-Actuators and T-Actuators robotic actuators can be the basis for collaborative robotic compositions of various declinations (anthropomorphic systems with 3-4-5-6-7 or more axes, SCARA or Delta Robot systems controllable by ROS with bus EtherCat industrial field).

RoboVu, simplifies robot control in wireless management conditions (example: robotic arm mounted on (AVG) movement shuttle), or (applications that require a simplified connection of the cobot with the central PC).

All safety functions will be installed on the AW-Tube robotic arm, significantly improving the safety level of the entire system (SafeVu PLC)