AW Robotics

Technology to evolve Applications

The era of open source robots has begun

Automationware is a leader in the marketing and design of latest generation robotics, the right partner for those who need to develop customized robotic systems, Automationware supports in the realization of your collaborative robotics project, from the verification and recognition of the collaborative application in your production line, It comes to the market with the complete package of products to customize a COBOT

Robot Joints

A complete range of High Robot Joints with direct drive motor or Harmonic Drive system, to be used in robotics or as precision rotary actuators

Different types of modules to design the robot for your application, even if it is a complex one  


A full range of products that accurately covers high-end precision manufacturing scenes.

AWRM Manipulator (Robot Mobile)

AWR Mobile, safe and flexible solution to optimize production processes and internal logistics. Different models for every need (load, size and speed).

Supported by ROS

AWRM-Smart Logistics

Intelligent logistics solutions with advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies

Cobot AW Tube Professional

Modular Collaborative Robot, configurable according to the application. Several axes configurations and open-source kynematics  (Robot Operating System).


Easy to use, stableand reliable, expert of collaborative robots

Cobot AW-Combo

The AW-Combo mobile robot is envisaged as a fully integrated and collaborative robotic system

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