Selection criteria

Find the customized application

Automationware is always careful to listen and help the customer to define the best solution for his application.

 In this guide we will help the designer to choose the most suitable linear solution based on the criteria of Speed, Load (Applicable moment), Accuracy, protective level and cost-effectiveness to always be in line with the performance and budget requirements of the application.

 Our production is characterized by linear axes with belt or ball screw transmission system. 

Obviously for both solutions there are Linear System with the possibility of different configurations.

Furthermore, our portal configurations have diagnostic systems, optional, to verify the efficiency of the production cycle by preventing any production black-outs (AwareVu).


Linear unit with sizes 45, 60, 80, 90, 120, 160 with belt and fast slide guides. A version with a fixed cantilever carriage with a mobile profile is available for vertical applications, where the arm must be removed during operation.

A further version with mobile carriage on double orthogonal guide suitable for unbalanced loads is added.


Made for applications where the protection of internal mechanical parts from dust or processing residues is required.


 Also in this case the linear units are made in six sizes: 45, 60, 80, 90, 120 and 160 with belt or screw motion transmission according to the application.


 In both versions the translation is on recirculating ball blocks with consequent high mechanical rigidity and low friction, very suitable to be combined with the new modular systems for Pick and Place applications (SM Series). 


The MotionLine HPCC line has two transposed carriages with opposite movement to satisfy applications where alignment in production or gripping of the component being processed is required.

 Two sizes: 60, 80, 120, both with belt transmission.

The translation takes place by means of recirculating ball guides with consequent high mechanical rigidity and low friction. 

The carriages are mounted on one or two recirculating ball slides (depending on the version), they are made in two parts to allow the protective foil to pass inside.


Basically based on the HP series but it adds the double guides to give greater rigidity, useful for example for a possible portal configuration. 


In both versions the translation is on guides, the carriage is mounted on two or four ball block and completed with protection.

Overall cost

Obviously, cost and performance are a fundamental parameter for the appropriate choice of motion technology to be used.

Belt axes are relatively inexpensive and often simplify modular design by accelerating project time to market.

The cost may vary according to the technologies used and therefore high precision screw axes, equipped with single or double guide, have a greater impact on the overall cost of the project.

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