AW - Tube Professional

progettato su piattaforma ROS

Entering on a new era
of collaborative modular Cobotics


AW-Tube is a modular collaborative robot totally configurable on the applications and customizable for different payload and working areas

Attribution: ROS is a trademark of Open Robotics.

AW-Tube Professional is different from any cobot currently on the market.

It consists of a series of very sophisticated Robotic Joints controlled by EtherCat fieldbus with integrated safety technology.

Available in 5-sizes (17 — 20 — 25 — 32 — 40), joints can be used in a wide range of applications as single units or been composed to perform Single or multiple Arms to be suitable for different applications.

Joints have sophisticated motor control technology with high definition position and speed feedback inclusive with redundancy, they also have disruptive technologies for contact detection.

They are controllable by EtherCat Bus with Safety control.

AutomationWare may combine a Custom version to perform heavy applications that require load
performance or larger operational areas
(adapting the appropriate kinematics on the custom version).

AW-Tube Professional

AW-Tube Professional has been created to provide a scalable technological response while protecting the investment over time. This approach is creating a great impact for System integrators or machine builders who can apply the robotic arm without constraints of control cabinets or proprietary kinematics.

AW-Tube Professional is based on EtherCat fieldbus perfect for quick configuration and Kinematics control. The EtherCat protocol include safety management based on FSoE in each Robotic joint.

This allows the PLCs network safety to synchronize, without latencies, any robot alarms with the rest of the mechatronics cell. Collaborative function is included in each robotic joint, based on sophisticated sensors to avoid any risk of collision in compliance with the directives of ISO 10218-1 (Certification in progress)

Control by ROS without barriers

Several collaborative robots today may be controlled by Robot Operating System (ROS) environment.

This framework is booming thanks to very powerful tools applications, that allow the management of the full robotic cell.

The limitation of several robots is based on the proprietary cabinet implication, that build a real barrier on direct robot control. AW is setting a new way of controlling robots thanks to a middleware virtual connector to ROS or others Industrial Kinematics system.

The virtual connector RoboVu™ it allows a direct and real-time connection to the robotics Joints via EtherCat, by passing traditional cabinet approach, with a real simplification on the full system management (Mobile Robots or 7th axis approach).

This open new scenarios for providers of industrial EtherCat robots control system.

RoboVu™ provide also gravity compensation technology, that allows the robot to be manually controlled for simple movement and gripping operations.

Software platform AW-Tube

ROS (Robot Operating System) is an open source development environment composed of a set of software libraries, tools and algorithms for the development and programming of robotic and advanced automation systems. It is a constantly evolving modular system, which grows thanks to the contribution of its developer community.

ROS allows you to program complex kinematics for a wide variety of applications and to synchronize robots on industrial buses such as EtherCat or Profinet, making them synchronous with all other devices on the network.

System integrators may combine application based on HTML 5 panels with ROS background, having connection with Codesys platform to integrate other devices on the robotic cell.

In alternative AW-Tube Professional could be also controlled by EtherCat Robotics industrial control system, helping customer to adapt Robotics on their actual controls of EtherCat devices.
All our collaborative robots are supplied with the installation of a basic ROS package that includes all the drivers and a 3D model of the cobot, but also tools for locating and using maps and simulators for planning movements.

Do you want to start planning the tailor-made solution for your application or design and test individual software modules offline?

We provide simulation software with 3D robot models, test environments and a pre-configured and easily adaptable navigation package.

You can simulate all the sensor data, create maps and make the cobot move in the virtual environment.

An opportunity to see the driving behavior of our collaborative robots, try how they react to different conditions and obstacles and test your changes.

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Modularità e
Mobilità senza ballast

3 Industrial Wi-Fi connection for

Omnidirectional Wheels for accurate Positioning and fast driving (max 400 Kg)

High Payload Manipulation with direct Control of Robotic Arms AW-Tube others Cobotics system

Full TUV certified 2D Lidar System to detect the full operating area 3D oprional CAmera for AI applications

The mobile robots of the AW-Mobile series are safe, used to optimize production processes and internal logistics. In research they are used as test platforms for next generation robots.

Our AGV or AMR are designed to meet the TÜV, requirements of thanks to the advanced technology sensor and intelligent algorithms, they can move freely around the environment, avoid people and dynamically obstacles and their destination independently.

The Wi-Fi industrial connection (TUV certified) allows the remote maintenance and the simultaneous control and management of robot  and of every other device connected to the network.

With  ROS (Robot Operating Systems)  you can configure and easily adjust navigation setups, as well as test your mobile robot.

Coordination of multiple robots is also available.

AW-Tube Professional is usefully used
Vs. applications where mobility is required

AutomationWare offers a series of solutions to give consistency to the issues of mobile assistance in the warehouse or systems with machine tools, use of the robot on the seventh axis for applications with short paths for palletizing or CNC interlocking.

On Pharma, Food and logistics sectors, is required the use of robots able to operate avoiding the risk of contamination.

Future electrical cars productions and consequent logistic will also impact on collaborative robots deployments.

AW products to support mobility:

Robotics wheels and electronics

Mobile Robots (AWMR-XX series)

Robotic system with Cartesian 7th or 8th a axis (ML 90-135-180 see Aw Linear Axis)

Custom robotic system for special applications

AW-Tube Professional
Industrial or Machines Application

The modular platform of AW-Tube Professional, open new scenarios of applications in different handing application from Pharma & Food, Logistic, or machines handing for example in supporting CNC situation. (Fig. 1)

AW-Tube Professional may be combined with existing Mechatronics configurations and been applied quickly thanks to the modular approach and fast connectivity.

Here in (Fig. 2) and example of AW-Tube Professional applied on a CNC Table well integrated with others devices and grippers fully controlled on proprietary EtherCat CNC eventually connected also with MES application.

Basic application of machine tending with AW-Tube Profesional cobot and CobotCUBE with component drawer for a ready to use automation of numerical controlled turning and milling machines.
(Fig. 3)

The solutions high modularity allows the early integration of different components as linear axis for adapting the automation the different requirements as the vertical palletization on the machining centre for maximising the non attending operation time.

Automotive industry

Multi machine tending automation with a single handling system shared between several machining centres on a production floor. The integrated AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) moves the productive assets as well as the semifinished goods scheming the maximum operative flexibility.

The shared production asset enables scalability for easy adaptation of the automation to the production volumes required balancing the available resources

Pharma and Food Robotics

Riding the wave of new consumption and new retail, concepts such as unmanned supermarkets, vending machines, facial recognition, sensorless payments have meant that these trends are realized through “close” human-computer interaction made by devices. and software.

With the rapid growth of the entire industry, both developers and manufacturers in the new retail industry and upstream equipment manufacturers have noticed the huge market potential and unique demand.

With the new AW-Tube Value mini robots AutomationWare can penetrate the more commercial scenario, such as development of automatic coffee stations, ice cream stations, milk tea stations and unmanned restaurants.

Collaborative robots have become the ideal scenario for new consumption and new retail industries for programming and visual visibility which are much simpler than traditional industrial robots, moreover compact structure and small occupied area.

Robotics vs Logistic application

Logistics will undergo an epochal transformation in the coming years.

The evolution of e-commerce and material management from warehouse to shipment will involve a total transformation thanks to the use of AGV and AMR able to move in different areas of the company with fleet management and connection to company management.

However, the role of cobot also in the function of manipulator will be decisive.

Access to automatic warehouses and palletisation or preparation of orders will be enslaved by collaborative robotic solutions that do not provide for the isolation of the area to people, but to manage any collisions through Lidar or 3D cameras.

Robotics on Aerospace
and Defence [Semiconductors]

This sector has already evolved in the use of robotic joints for satellite applications where it is required to obtain precise rotations with high torque and with safety management.

AW is already working on robotic joints to be dedicated to these applications where permitted with respect to specific regulations.


In the production of devices in a risky environment or in particular atmospheres or situations that are risky for human presence. AW-Mobile will also be available in ISO7 version for clean room applications, very useful also for the transport of delicate electronic components.

Evolving the Automotive
Cobotics applications

The Automotive sector is also undergoing strong transformation, the new lines for the production of hybrid or electric cars require the reconstruction of production models and the provision of advanced solutions for coordinated assembly of the various components using robotic arms.

A limitation of current systems is constituted by the cobot cabinet which complicates the organization of logistics in the assembly structure. AW-Tube Professional has no cabinet, it is controlled directly by EtherCat or remoted with industrial WIFI.

Therefore the construction of multi-arm cells is synchronous and simplified compared to non-professional cobot.


Furthermore, in the automotive sector, the use of mobile manipulation cobot is very useful in supporting production.

The confined spaces require robots with omnidirectional systems and with wheels that have single propulsion and are not blocked by production residues, our
AWMPO 700 AGV is ideal for these needs.

Furthermore AW-Tube Professional with an extension of 1.800 mm and 15 kg of payload ensures excellent performance to reach the most distant locations.

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