Our history

Innovative technology and
high quality solutions since 2002

Automationware is founded with the goal of designing and producing electric actuators .

ML series, the company’s first complete line of belt drive axes and screw axes are released.

AutomationWare launches Mech Force, its first electric cylinder for loads up to 100kN.

The product portfolio expands with the new electric rotary tables Rotac.

The factory in Arino (Venice) expands with new production departments to get the internal production of semi-finished products for our electric actuators.

Referral to the new headquarters in Maerne (VE). The design phase of the new Robotic Couplings begins.

Mech Extreme is born, an electric cylinder for dynamic loads up to 700kN.

The new CEO Fabio Rossi, Senior Manager from Danaher Group, joins the company.

The company launches Mech Plus, an heavy duty electric cylinder and the SM Line slides, the ideal solution for Pick and Place and mechatronic systems .

Move to the new headquarter in Maerne (VE). The design of the new robot joints begins.

The company has grown 104% in the past 2 years, doubling its workforce and business Evolution in the field of robotics continues: first tests for our cobot AW-Tube and long-term collaboration agreement with
Fraunhofer Institute.

Launch of MechValue, compact electric cylinder and ML 135, axes for cobot and logistics.

The company launches J-Actuators and T-Actuators., a new series of robot joints New Mech Force-T, the first cylinder with integrated motor September 2020: AutomationWare introduces AW-Tube, a ROS based collaborative robot.

Automationware joins HIND SpA (industrial holding company) to develop HMotion , a new Italian hub of excellence in robotics and maccatronics

Automationware wins the Roberto Maietti Award for Advanced Robotics in the SPS 2022 edition with the product AW-Combo (Mobile Collaborative Cobot)

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