AW - Robot Mobile

Safe and flexible solutions

AW - Robot Mobile

The mobile robots of the AW-Mobile series are a safe and flexible solution to optimize production processes and internal logistics. In research they serve as test platforms for next generation robots.

Our AMRs are designed to meet the TÜV safety requirements. Thanks to advanced sensor technology and intelligent algorithms, they can move freely in all environment, avoid people and obstacles dynamically and reach their destination independently.

The Wi-Fi connection allows the remote maintenance and the simultaneous control and management of AMRs and of every other device connected to the network. With ROS (Robot Operating Systems) you can configure and easily adjust navigation setups, as well as test your mobile robot.

Payload, size and speed for every need.
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Small and agile robot for material flow and intralogistics in industrial applications.
It can bridge paths that cannot be made with floor mounted conveyors or AGVs. Thanks to its flexibility it can be integrated with manipulators and robotic arms and used for special applications such as transporting equipment or in robotics research.
Delivered with a basic ROS installation and ready for use.

Payload up to 150 kg

Dimensions 590 x 559 x 411 (LxWxH)

Speed <1.5 m / s.


Robust and compact AMR for material flow and intralogistics. Thanks to the large number of functions and features, it’s mainly used in projects searching for new solutions in production automation.
Delivered with a basic ROS installation and ready for use.

Payload 80 kg

Dimensions 814 x 592 x 361 (LxWxH)

Speed <1.5 m/s


Compact omnidirectional robot. The Mecanum wheels give it exceptional maneuverability and the ability to move smoothly in any direction. This allows the AWRM-PO500 to navigate agily through narrow and twisty environments.

Software package ROS included.

Payload up to 150 kg

Dimensions 986 x 662 x 409 (LxWxH)

Speed <0.8 m/s


Robust and stable mobile robot designed for ease of access and maximum expansion. The AWRM-P700 is suitable for the integration of robot arms and additional devices. The platform can be easily modified to accommodate and supply even large attachments.

Software package ROS included.

Supported by ROS.

300 kg
Dimensions (in mm)
786 x 717 x 411 (LxWxH)
<1.0 m/s


Omnidirectional AMRcombining the advantages of classic wheels with the mobility of Mecanum wheels. Classic wheels with 360 degree rotation ensure perfect traction and extremely accurate positioning. Ideal base for high-end service robots.

400 kg
Dimensions (in mm)
741 x 509 x 348 (LxWxH)
<0,9 m/s

Drive module for omnidirectional platforms

ROS controlled drive module for smooth journeys in all directions.

The ready-to-install module consists of:

  • complete gear unit
  • two brushless servo motors
  • two high-quality digital drive amplifiers
  • position switch

For product specifications download the Technical Manual and the dedicated Brochure from the Download Area