Future-oriented solutions

Mechatronic and robotic solutions to address market trends and anticipate customer needs.

Ricerca & Sviluppo

Not just innovative products,
but future-oriented solutions

A constant growth
grounded in technology and innovation

We have been committed for  20 years  in the field of mechatronics to developing disruptive technologies and innovative mechatronic and robotic products. We are among first to use Robot Operating System and we patent technologies that change factories (AwareVU ™ for process control). The company growth is a proof of our success

We constantly invest in R&D to offer technologically advanced and impactful solutions.

All our products are designed to offer high performance and, thanks to the top quality garanteed, have a long working cycle.

Some of our products are branded NSK equipped.


• Parameters such as accelleration, speed and repeatability are totally programmable and controllable

•Easy maintenance

•Duty cycle real-time diagnostics and monitoring

Innovation is the main object of our daily work. We develop mechatronic and robotic solutions to address market trends and anticipate customer needs

We use ROS-based robotic platforms for motion planning, in order to build robots that can be easily integrated into existing production environments.

Thanks to the modularity of the solution, our cobots are flexible and adaptable to different use cases, from high precision tasks (pharmaceutical and medical industries) to haeavy loads


A center of excellence
for mechatronics and robotics.

Come and visit our plant

The new Industry 4.0 production plant is a center of excellence for mechatronics and robotics.

All production phases are interconnected thanks to a latest generation fiber optic network. 

An integrated CAD/CAM system and SolidWorks help optimize the efficiency of the production process.

Interconnected high-tech machines Mazak 5-axis machining centers ensure the highest quality of the semi-finished products.

Automated modern warehouses optimize storage management and speed up delivery time while keeping products undamaged. The last step in a production process designed to drastically reduce time-to-market ( just-in-time system).

A live demo area  helps customers find the right solution for their production needs.

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