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360 °

Teamwork with you from design to after-sales assistance

Modular solutions

Modularity allows to adapt the solutions to the customer’s requests

Customizable Solutions

Driven by market and customers real needs

Advanced Diagnostics

Diagnostic 4.0, for real-time control of vibrations and temperature

Abou Us

AutomationWare is a key player in the electric actuator market, a valid alternative to hydraulics and pneumatics, to offer energy saving, cleanliness, precision, reliability and ensure workplace safety

Linear Axes

Belt drive axes with mobile or fixed belt and motorized carriage or with recirculating ball screw drive.

Steel linear rails available on request. You can also choose motor and gear reducer configuration.

New series:

RoboLine: linear axes with roller guides to fit logistics and robotics applications

Telescopic Axes: ideal for cartesian high speed Pick&Place applications

Electric Linear Actuators

High performance electric actuators with recirculating ball bearing technology , ideal for narrow spaces or heavy loads (700 kN).

Screws and nuts designed by AW and built by market leaders (Automationware is the only company with the logo NSK  equipped.

Modular Pick & Place systems with high speed slides for Pharma and Food applications.

New generation cylinders with embedded motor.

Electric rotary actuators with optional fairleads.




Flexible and versatile servo drives that are also easy to use.

Brushless servo-motors and DC motors with wound field up to 100kW of power.

‘Caliper’ application designed to make it easy to calibrate the entire series of servo drives and motors.



Robotic Joints Platform with or without reducer for the composition of modular robotic systems.

AWR-Mobile managed by ROS, with flexible modular system, saving valuable development time.

Ros Robot Operating System set of software libraries and tools that allow you to create applications for the world of robotics.



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Register and download the new short catalog of our products

Dear Applicant Automationware


We are pleased to inform you that, following the expert evaluation and summarizing the final results of the agROBOfood Open Call Industrial Challenges, your Project Proposal “HyFlexyBot Flexible Robot “has been selected for funding.

“The proposal was presented with sufficient details. From the technical point of view, a standard application for packaging/palletizing in food industry is proposed using a new cobot based on the top of a mobile unit and integrated on ROS. The main novelty of the proposal is the easy reconfiguration and the cobot itself since it is unique on the market (25kg payload for collaborative robots). The business analysis was sufficiently presented, and the analysis was convincing. The socio-economic aspects were addressed as well. The team is well established and have the necessary expertise.

The proposal describes an autonomous mobile palletization system to be applied in food processing industry with special attention on non-contamination of food. The background is overall well explained. Impact and benefit are comprehensible. The system may be of additional interest, due to the current COVID-19 situation. Problems in the meet processing industry are named. The concept of providing an autonomous mobile platform plus a sophisticated robot arm appears as a good way of working in low structured environment.

The European Union has decided to grant a financial contribution for the implementation of agROBOfood through the Horizon 2020 Programme.