Linear Electric Actuators

Discover all the benefits of the Mech Series

Linear Electric Actuators
of the Serie Mech

The Mech Series is equipped with high technology ball screw transmission system, even in cages in case of high acceleration, which guarantees wide speeds with high thrust performance.

The series may be used as an alternative solution to pneumatic or hydraulic systems to provide cleanliness guarantees in sterile hygienic approach vs. Food and Pharma applications.

 Totally controllable in movement thanks to electronic driving systems with encoders, also provided by Automationware.

Mech Value

Small electric cylinders for high performance in speed and strength, based on best on the market small ball screw system embedded on proprietary profiles having anti-rotations feature.

Available in a normal or parallel version to optimize the spaces.

Line - Force - Plus

Wide range of solutions for each electrical application.

Various system-modulated solutions for speed and payload based on situations, with thrusts greater than 200kN, high duration and electronic control.

In-line or parallel motorization options for limited footprints with the insertion of quality gearboxes.

Mech Extreme

An extremely powerful cylinder with a dynamic load of up to 700kN, ideal for high-load applications even in the case of continuous handling.

The reinforced steel structure and ISO 5 rectified screw system, designed on  Automationware specification, ensure extreme performance for years. (Cylinder with NSK inside logo)

SM Line

Modular sleds for fast Pick & Place applications, with high productivity and reliability over time.


Configurable also in THE SCARA version to achieve great positioning accuracy. Combine with other AW products in Cartesian, Vertical and Horizontal Pick & Place configurations (vd catalog).


Configurable with accessories such as camera, gripper and more.