Rotary Actuators

Rotary actuators for every application

Servo controlled
mechanical rotary actuators

Great for determining cable-passing rotations and reducing motion with or without gearbox.

Compact assembly possibly with IP65 isolation option.

Very precise in positioning thanks to the transmission mechanics with belt  in Kevlar.

They can also be used for robotic pick and place configurations with relative precision.

Rotac PlusNew

The new Rotac Plus can be customer-driven, while maintaining precision repeatability characteristics thanks to the stability of the mechanical transmission solution.

Servo controlled with passing hole, great for determining rotations with cable passage and reduction of motion with or without gearbox.

Made in six sizes 48, 65, 85, 100, 130 and 200 are structured in aluminum, with precision processing on all anodized surfaces and with holes fastening for positioning, on all sides.

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