Robot Joints

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AW Robotics

A new generation of robot joints

High performance joints and rotary actuators for collaborative robots.

They can be used to realize modular robots, customized according to the application.

Real-time control thanks to the  RoboVu ™application , directly connecting ROS and its tools like MoveIt to the EtherCAT bus.

State-of-the-art technology for each application

High performance and accuracy, integrated diagnostics for current, torque and vibrations control are only few of the reasons why our actuators are the ideal solution to ensure maximum safety and optimal performances

  • Robotic systems: robot arms, collaborative robots, mobile robots
  • Machine tools: multi-axis machining, loading arms
  • Plastics manufacturing and metal fabrication: punching and laser cutting machines
  • Medical and Pharma: filling, inspection, packaging, laboratories and medical imaging
  • Aerospace and Defence: high torque joints and actuators for antennas, radars, laser scanners and mirrows
  • Semiconductor Industry: handling, machines for the production of wafers and microchips


ROS-based robot joints for a tailor-made robotics. 5 sizes and a wide range of performances, to get the right combination according to application characteristics

T- Actuators

Rotary actuators with gearless motor. High speed and accuracy

Robotic joints

Series of Robotic Jointsthat allow any integrator, of Robot or Cobot systems, to produce modular robotic solutions based on applications.