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Main industrial sectors

Packaging, food, pharma, medical diagnostic Machinery

Food preparations, drug manufacturing and packaging are mainly areas with great attention to electric actuators and collaborative robotics. Hygiene, flexibility, energy savings associated with precision and reliability are a primary asset for these applications.

Applications of Pick & Place systems • Blistering machines • Filling machines • Filler wrapping machines • Cartesian plotters for packaging and many other applications.

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Pick and Place application vs food applications

SM series high precision sliders

Logistic and
Storage system

AW is a leader in the management of Cartesian systems for logistics, also with multiple vertical axes for e-commerce or for vending machines vs. food and pharma segments.

Modularity, may be  be used in various applications, also with storage lengths greater than 10 meters with heavy  payloads or been used to supply 7 robotic axes where the movement of materials requires a robust structure, maintaining great precision and longevity.

Applications: Mini loads (light load storage systems) • Automatic warehouses (robot warehouses) • Robot axes on logistic or CNC applications (Roboline series)

Industrial, CNC and Automotive ​

The industrial market requires quality, reliable, flexible and adaptable solutions.

AW offers a range of actuators for interlocking, deformation or bending, with precise and reliable electronic control over time.

Applications: Automotive production lines • Production of tires or parts for brakes • lifters for AGV and lifting systems • test benches for avionics and railways • Sheet metal bending or punching systems • Actuators for movement of laser cutting or welding heads • Production of glasses and actuators for plastic blow molding machines • Robotics for interlocking

Energy, Naval, Aerospace and Plants

Actuators for the regulation of turbines, production of wind energy, for the management of nautical or military equipment (steering systems, actuators for military systems)Steward platforms for flight or navigation simulators • Actuators and Robotics for the production of household appliances • Actuators for foundries and production of metals or plastics • Actuators for spooling wire, textile, nylon.

Custom and modular robotic systems for each application where production must be managed in a safe and collaborative way, with robotic solutions integrated in the machines and / or robotic arms, also mobile on AGV for the end of the production line or logistic management also in ISO 5- environments 7

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