Miniature linear motors

Standard NL Serie and NLH serie

A complete solution for the pharmaceutical and medical industry and for all kind of automatic machines in general.

NL Serie

The NL series, composed of 6 different types, has an excellent performance and dimension ratio. The force range starts from 0,6 N up to 20 N of continuous force with peak forces 6 times these values. The standard power supply of the drive is 24/48 VDC.

One of the advantages of the standard NL series is its compactness with flange dimensions beginning from 15x34mm till 35x63mm.

La serie standard NL ha come punto di forza la sua compattezza, a partire da dimensioni di flangia pari a 15x34mm fi no a 35x63mm.

NLH Serie

The linear motors NL have the same outside dimensions of the standard series, including a high performance servo drive with positioning features and CANopen fieldbus control.

The power supply of these motors has a wide rang from 24 VDC up to 48 VDC.


The difference between the NL series and the NLH series is the G.H.A.® treatment.

One of the most recent and innovative technologies that is applied for the treatment of all surfaces of aluminum-based alloys.

The surface is treated by anodic oxidation, acwith a thickness from 10 to 200 um (micrometers), followed by the sealing of the microporosity of the oxidized layer by means of silver ions (Ag +). Anodic oxidation and for aluminum-based alloys the most suitable and safe protective treatment because it is not removable.

They are used in various industrial sectors: Pharma, Food, Beverage, Machine tools

For product specifications download the Technical Manual and the dedicated Brochure from the Download Area