Designed to meet all industrial automation needs

AW-Drives & AW-Motors

Automationware expands the product package by introducing technologically advanced AWD servo drives and AWM servo motors.

The AWD series, in the High and Low Power versions, are designed to meet all industrial automation needs.

The AWM series of motors completes the range of drives with high performance motors.

Each servo-drive and servo-motor system is studied in detail to give maximum flexibility on the market.

Servo-drives with powers up to 130kW control various types of brushless motors, asynchronous motors and DC motors.

They can also control torque motors (T-Actuators) and Linear motors.

Brushless Servo-motors and DC motors with wound field up to 100kW of power.

The drives have a ‘Caliperapplication designed to make it easy to calibrate the entire series of servo drives and motors.

Caliper in addition to selecting applications, saving and loading data, includes a powerful professional oscilloscope, autophasing tools, automatic cogging reduction, observer for vibration reduction, Fieldbus analyzer and many other functions to help better tune applications.



Designed and built to offer high standards of quality and efficiency

Maximum quality and all-Italian technology, carefully curated in every phase

AW- Motors

Low inertia synchronous servo motors

AWM-B“ series, low inertia synchronous servo motors made in 6 sizes, from the smallest AWM-B05 to the largest AWM- B26, with torques from 0.48 Nm to over 400Nm and powers from 0.15kW to over 100kW


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