First Italian Mobile Cobot Designed and built in Italy by a team of 12 engineers …. average age 27 years. A robotic engineering monster with 17 Axes (an evolved Pharma gripper will be mounted) controlled at the same time. Safety management with Lidar and 3D Camera. The management in RViz (Robot Operating System) application. The Anthropomorphic part can […]

AW Roboline – Fast palletizer with telescopic system and Vibration analysys embeeded

AW Roboline – Fast palletizer with telescopic system and Vibration analysys embeeded Moving a load of 100 kg at high speed is not easy. Furthermore, making the system telescopic with a payload of this type makes everything much more complex. But the mechanical technological breakthrough is supported by Ind. 4.0 technology but seen before. The […]

AWRM-mobile 700: High-performance Mobile Robotics begins

A new range of AGVs and AMRs for high performance robotics in motion. The new AWRM-700 combines high safety performance with 8-axis navigation management, movement and positioning capabilities unique in the market. In addition, the system allows configuration with AW-Tube, Automationware collaborative robot with load potential up to 20 Kgs. AWRM-700 can carry up to […]

AW-Tube 1800 mm and 15 Kgs Payload

Many collaborative robots have no load capacity on operating areas over 1000 mm. AW-Tube is a modular system and also allows you to lift 15 Kg. To its maximum extension of 1800 mm. It is a new concept of robotics based on a modular approach to respond to applications with the appropriate configuration. Motion planned […]

AW Tube Models

Pre-Production of AW-Tube in early Q1 . Several models : AW_Tube 5-8-13-18 Kgs. effective payload ( 4 models ) ranges 600-900 – 900-1300 900-1800 mm.Modularity is also available configurations can be built on the basis of work spaces or environmental situations. Obviously AW_tube can also be installed on AW_Mobile our AGV / AMR to move […]


An increasing number of Pharma companies are investing in automation strategies to improve the activities and services offered. According to the study by The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, about 50% of pharma and medical device companies are implementing the integration of line automation and will continuously monitor the overall effectiveness of the equipment. […]

IKO Europe will be the leading distributor of Automationware in Europe

Automationware and IKO Europe have agreed a collaboration for the distribution of Automationware products, in particular high performance linear actuators, in many European countries, through the commercial and technical structure of IKO Europe. Automationware is a company strongly oriented vs. the development of high performance actuators for mechatronics and advanced robotics. AW and IKO are […]