AW-Combo wins the SPS 2022 Award in Parma (Maietti Award)

Automationware, a company in the North East dedicated to the development of cutting-edge robotic and mechatronic technologies, won the Roberto Maietti award for Advanced Robotics in the just-concluded edition of SPS 2022 in Parma.

The Prize  was awarded for a new product AW Combo, sponsored by the EU community, a 15-axis Mobile Collaborative Cobot with extraordinary maneuvering capacity for production chains and smart factories. This system is decidedly innovative, developed by a team of young AW engineers with the support of Fraunhofer Italia, and has unique collaborative robotic technologies of their kind.

A robot with agility of movement in the working  area has an omnidirectional AMR (8 axes) and a robotic arm with 6 degrees of freedom ‘+ gripper, capable of lifting even very high payloads. The management of the robot is comprehensive and wirelessly controlled, and in the future it can be connected to the 5G network.

Indispensable for addressing production issues in the food and Pharma sector, where a low contaminating impact is required, but also for the management of production lines, avoiding tiring and repetitive loading / unloading work for humans. Thanks to its characteristics, the robot can also be used in advanced logistics or in e-commerce situations to load or unload packages autonomously, moving around the work area with respect to different points, in full autonomy but with safety technology. (Laser scanner and 3D camera), avoiding impacts with people or things. A disruptive product that will revolutionize the way robotics are done in modern smart and logistics situations with high turnover. Thanks to its qualities, it can also be adopted in different sectors such as for example that for machine tending, or in the management of the end of the production line, now enslaved by large and potentially dangerous anthropomorphic robots for working with line operators.

Automationware is a company that operates in the province of Venice, has been producing actuators with a high technological impact since 2002, invests mainly in research, in particular in advanced robotics, with the aim of becoming an Italian hub for NextGen robotics and systems integration for robotize production and logistics processes. AW has been part of the HIND spa group since 2021, a group with a turnover of over 200M euros and over 1000 employees, which operates in various market sectors, mainly in the fashion sector, but which invests in the development of strategic sectors in the supply chains. Italians with strong growth content.

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