IKO Europe will be the leading distributor of AutomationWare in Europe

Automationware and IKO Europe have agreed a collaboration for the distribution of Automationware products, in particular high performance linear actuators, in many European countries, through the commercial and technical structure of IKO Europe. Automationware is a company strongly oriented vs. the development of high performance actuators for mechatronics and advanced robotics. AW and IKO are already industrial partners thanks to the use of essential  IKO components in the production of robotic actuators or linear systems with high precision and productivity. The collaboration strengthens the partnership between the two companies in a strategic geographical area for key sectors in strong evolution such as electric traction automotive, food and pharma packaging environments thanks to electric and robotic actuators, and the logistics sector strongly influenced by COVID issues that have accelerated the adoption of Ind.4.0 components. With 70 years of experience, IKO specializes in quality needle bearings, linear motion rolling guides, precision positioning tables and machine components. IKO products include: Linear Motion Rolling Guides. Needle Roller Bearings. Precision Positioning Tables. Automationware and IKO products are highly regarded in the worldwide marketplace, and we strive to live up to the inspiration for IKO’s name: Innovation. Know How. Originality.  




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