Acquisition of Automationware Srl by Pneumax Holding spa

Lurano 24 May 2024 Press release by Pneumax management with the contribution of Hind Spa

During Q2 2024 , Pneumax, a leader in industrial automation, completed the acquisition of 90% of the share capital of AutomationWare Srl, a leading company in Italy in the production of high-performance electric actuators. The operation, in its final organizational stages, is set to conclude in the first ten days of June.

This strategic acquisition will enhance the technological offering through the integration of AutomationWare components and solutions into Pneumax’s extensive product portfolio. It represents a strategic move for our industrial group, particularly focused on establishing a crucial technological hub in Italy for global export.

Aligned with Pneumax’s strategic plan, this operation aims to expand our activities through external acquisitions as well. It will enable us to strengthen our presence in rapidly expanding market sectors, where demand is oriented towards suppliers capable of offering complete solutions, with a particular focus on new energy efficiency challenges and simplified design integration.

Rossella Bottacini, Ceo of Pneumax, commented that this is one of the most significant operations in the history of the Pneumax Group.

Fabio Rossi, CEO of AutomationWare, noted that this acquisition by Pneumax meets the need to establish a global presence and support, thanks to Pneumax’s commercial network capable of meeting the needs of customers worldwide.

AutomationWare’s product portfolio is renowned for developing innovative technologies in today’s mechatronics, offering not only technological products but also solutions for kinematic and multi-axis management of systems. AutomationWare operates in multiple market sectors and applications, thanks to the diversity of its products, which are consistently in demand in sectors with a high technological content in production or plant engineering.

Ing. Domenico Di Monte Marketing Manager Pneumax Spa –



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