Automationware – From today robotics becomes Lego!

3 years of planning and evolution to design a platform that allows every researcher every designer to define his own robotic system.
An ambitious project to give a real alternative to commercial cobotics or robotics , starting from the basic element of every robot , the robotic joints .

From today every engineer will be able to build his own robotic system , with the degrees of freedom necessary for his own application.
Robotics developers will be able to use an Industrial and deterministic fieldbus such as Ethercat, using joints electronics already certified ( TUV).

Robotics researcher can program it directly from Twin Cat motion controllers or the powerful ROS or ROS2 operating system , to manage the kinematics directly and in real time.

Engineers will be able to build mobile robotic platforms integrating the joints to model its own piking system, they will be able to build components such as exoskeletons, arms for non-commercial applications, they will be able to use the joints as rotary tables of high torque and extreme precision form machinery applications.

The era of modular and scalable robotics based on Automationware’s J & T Actuators begins. We innovate the world of high-performance actuators.
Download the new guide for buying the new J&T Actuators Series and evaluate the applications available online



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