Screw Linear System

The best combination of speed, strength, accuracy and productivity.

Linear Units

Screw Axes

Always suitable
for the application characteristics

The technology used is based on ISO7 screws (Optional ISO 5).

Positioning accuracy is ensured by high resolution encoders.

A foil or bellows protection prevents access to the internal parts with dust and other foreign bodies. (High Protection versions).

Planetary gearboxes are available, with high efficiency and precision, to optimize motor performance based on the load to be moved.

A wide availability of accessories allows the creation of single or multi-axis solutions.

Wide choice of high performance gearboxes, Servo-Stepper or Brushless motors, variety of return shafts and appropriate interface plates.

Furthermore, there is good accessibility for periodic lubrication.

Consult the table for choosing the most suitable product for your needs

Consult the table for choosing the most suitable product for your needs

Configurations Cartesian

The drive head is equipped with zero-backlash  pulley with hole for shrink disk or conical bush.

The direct connection  to the driving pulley of gearboxes and motors, through suitable flanges, ensures good rigidity and allows high dynamics.

It is possible to supply units complete with planetary gearbox and motors. 

The screw nut is fixed inside the trolley. The protection of the screw is ensured by the steel sheet that runs inside the trolley. 

The drive head is equipped with fixing holes for connecting adapters for belt transmission. 

It is possible to supply units complete with joint and interface flange for the required motion system .


The Axis Motion Line series includes a series of accessories suitable to support any application:

Compact planetary gearboxes with extremely low backlash and high efficiency

Flanges and shrink discs or conical bushes for perfect compatibility with Motors or Reducers

Return shafts in accordance with the engines used

Various types of Motors and Drivers to complete the application

Sensors for mobile carriage and / or fixed carriage units and mobile profile

Additional trolleys for adequate load distribution

Sensors of various types such as Hall effect, induction or electromechanical with profile or bracket fixing

Brackets and connection systems for XYZ configurations or adapters for connection to the SM Series

For product specifications download the Technical Manual and the dedicated Brochure from the Download Area