AW-CS Series

Safe, Simple,
Scalable and Sustainable

Cobot Superior

High-speed system bus, more I/O ports (24 DI, 24 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO); stronger power supply capacity; more communication interfaces (3 Ethernet interfaces, 1 serial port).


Enhanced and comprehensive safety functions
covering, among others, position, speed, force,
power and momentum limitations, fully designed
according to ISO 13849-1 Cat3 PLd standard.
Pinch point-free joints design.


User-friendly and open Python-based graphical
interface. Easy-to-maintain integrated motherboard
and quickly replaceable joints.


Modular software framework supporting extendable
development and customizable commands and interfaces.
Extendible Java-based architecture. Multiple communication
protocols (TCP/IP, MODBUS TCP/RTU, EtherNet/IP, Profinet)


Platformized hardware and software architecture for
maximum extendibility. Constant software upgrade during
product life-cycle, full-comprehensive documentation and
lifetime technical support.

Fully upgraded

New Software & Hardware Architecture

Configurable flange IO with up
to 3A power supply

Design intelligente per integrazione Plug & Play con end-effectors

6x rotating joints at ± 360 °

Safe and powerful servo drive with integration of multiple sensors

New high precision encoder system

Installation from any angle

Quick and easy joints replacement with
pinch-point free design.

IP54 protection rating
(robot, controller and teach pendant)

Take Your Productivity
to the Next Level

IP54 protection rating
(robot, controller and teach pendant)

Configurable flange IO with up
to 3A power supply

Multi-color flange ring indicator

Quick and easy joints replacement
with pinch-point free design.

The new CS series is the result of Elite Robots’ entirely in-house R&D and strongly innovates in terms of safety, ease of use and
scalability. Built on the “platformization” concept, the CS (Cobot Superior) Series embodies the flexibility and openness of a new
generation of collaborative robots which allows expandability, customization and easy integration by users, developers and

User-friendly &
Powerful Controller

Expandable Java-based modular architecture compatible with third-party plug-ins

Extendible and customizable GUI with
flow chart software.

Python-based script language for
quick learning and easy programming.

Visualization of the robot status in real time with 3D view

Multiple communication protocols (TCP / IP, MODBUS TCP / RTU, EtherNet / IP, Profinet).

IP54 protection rating

Standalone safety controller with dual channel robot data verification

DC and OEM version

The newly released CS series consists of 3 models, CS63, CS66 and CS12 , for light, medium and high payloads, which can be used for a wide variety of industrial robot applications across all industrial sectors (including automotive, 3C electronics, metal processing, home appliances, power and new retail). The CS Series cobots applications include (but are not limited to) material handling, visual inspection, assembly and tightening, machine tool loading and unloading, packaging and palletizing, welding and grinding.

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