AW Combo: pure innovation


Many ask me, what are the differences between AW Combo and a robotic arm on an AGV ….
Obviously aesthetically you can see 2 things, the large size of the AW Combo that allows extensions up to 1800 mm, and the large load capacity, essential for logistic applications.

But the real difference lies in the architecture which provides a very different structure compared to an arm on an AGV.
AW Combo does not have a cabinet and all the joints that compose it are coordinated in real time and with a single motion planner.
Therefore the kinematics are comprehensive and very extensive with the possibility of using the mobile part to extend the anthropomorphic part.
Then it is based on an industrial bus , so all the joints are connected on Ethercat, have advanced safety protocols (FSoE) and digital safety redundancies, it has a 360-degree Lidar that can be modulated according to the work areas.

has stereocameras for managing picking in the arm, or which can be added to the structure. It is modular and therefore can be adapted to the application needs and potentially also having more axes, more arms or different robotic structures.

Over the next few months we will work on several POCs to configure the system for OEM customers who will ask us for custom versions to be applied on Logistic , Warehouse , end of production lines or CNC upload or download ( avoiding one cobot per unit) .

Automationware is a new way of doing advanced robotics, we go beyond the current commercial models to give OEM solutions to our TIER 1 accounts.

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